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Solar Gard Invests in New  
Magnetron Sputtering Machine  
Solar Gard Saint-Gobain has recently installed a new  
roll-to-roll magnetron sputtering line to its facility in San  
Diego, Calif. Kendall Combs, Solar Gard’s general manager of  
thin films,says the machine positions the company to expand its  
manufacturing capabilities by allowing them to put multiple layers  
of precious metals onto its film.  
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Winners™ Announced  
Window Film Tint-Off™ were  
announced inWest Palm Beach,Fla.Kyle  
Murdock of OzBraz in Gilbert, Ariz.,  
took home the gold in the paint protec-  
tion film division; Geoffrey Whightsil of  
Sun Out Window Tinting in Arlington,  
Texas,won the gold in the architectural  
division;and Sal Hurtado of Sal’s House  
ofTint in San Marcos,Texas,was award-  
ed the gold in the automotive division.  
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Top Window  
Film Dealers’  
Tricks, Tips &  
Sometimes Trips  
The toughest problem today for  
window film dealers? Finding good  
employees. That was the consensus  
of a panel at the International  
Window Film Conference and Tint-  
Off,which was held early October at  
the Palm Beach Convention Center  
inWest Palm Beach, Fla.  
Governor Expands  
Medical Exemption  
LiCsatlifofornria Tint  
Gov. Jerry Brown  
recently signed into law a bill intro-  
duced by Kevin McCarty allowing  
vehicle windows to be tinted at  
a lower visible light transmittance  
VLT) than what’s currently allowed,  
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if the driver has a signed certifi-  
cate from a dermatologist stating  
the occupant cannot be exposed to  
ultraviolet rays. The state’s current  
law requires a minimum of 88-per-  
cent VLT. However, the exemption  
lowers theVLT to 70 percent.  
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Expands Exemption List,” for  
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Finalists Announced  
At long last,theTint-Off™ finalists  
for the International Window Film  
Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT)  
have been announced.  
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