by Manny Hondroulis  
Building Brand Awareness  
ately, I’ve taken it upon myself ing prospects visit your website or  
Third, they suggested boosting  
to become more knowledge- to contact you via telephone. So, a Facebook or Instagram post.  
able about using social media how do you get started?  
Essentially that means that you  
for business purposes. I’ve been an  
Well, that’s the part I strug- are going to pay Facebook (or  
active Facebook user since 2008, gled with;  
wasn’t exactly Instagram) a bit of money to send  
but the extent of my usage has sure. Francisco Castillo and your post into the feeds of an audi-  
been to keep tabs on friends and Jason Averweg of Aerotect Film ence that you target. For example,  
wish them a happy birthday. Rarely Distribution gave their advice. As if you just installed paint protec-  
do I update my status or upload a a fellow 3M distributor, I’ve got- tion film (PPF) on a Bugatti, you  
new picture. My 2017 New Year’s ten to know them well. They are can boost that post to an audience  
resolution was to become more progressive with social media and that’s interested in exotic cars.  
active with social media, specifical- are always willing to help. They’re  
ly for business purposes. My goal active on Facebook and Instagram, some Facebook and Instagram  
is two-fold. The first part is to use so I decided to pick their brains. ads. This is somewhat similar to  
social media to hunt prospective First, they suggested developing a boosted post, but you’re not  
Finally, they suggested doing  
customers, and the second is to a consistent set of hashtags to pushing a post to your targeted  
build brand awareness around the make with every post. Those of audience, rather you’re pushing an  
products that EPD sells (window you wondering what a hashtag is, ad with a specific call to action. An  
film, paint protection film, vinyl according to the dictionary, it’s “a example would be advertising the  
wrap film). For purposes of this word or phrase preceded by a hash benefits of security film to jewelry  
column, I’m going to focus only on or pound sign (#) and used to iden- store owners who use Facebook  
the second part.  
As previously confessed, I know Relevant hashtags would be words  
tify messages on a specific topic.” and/or Instagram.  
I’m still getting the hang of it. For  
very little about using social or phrases that describe your post example, Facebook owns Instagram,  
media to grow sales yet recog- and identify your company. For and the two platforms intertwine  
nize that it’s vital to the success example, if you upload a picture but have different uses and users.  
of most businesses. Apparently, to Facebook or Instagram of your What works on one may not work  
it works, too, or Mark Zuckerberg most recent install on a 2018 Tesla, on the other. Picking your targeted  
wouldn’t be one of the world’s the hashtags might be: #cartint audience can be a challenge, too.  
wealthiest people.  
#windowfilm #tesla #mycompa- Define your audience too loosely  
There are multiple ways to grow nyname #keeptheheatout. So any- and your spending will go up. Define  
your business with social media. one who searches social media it too narrowly and your exposure  
First, you can promote your com- posts using those terms would goes down. It may take some time  
pany and/or brand. Second, you come across your post.  
can promote your product and/or Second, they suggested posting between spend and exposure.  
service. And you can accomplish regularly. Easier said than done. I don’t know everything there  
this in two ways: The mechanics of posting are easy is to know about social media use  
By developing an online audi- but having the content to post is and would encourage you to do  
ence and sharing relevant posts the hard part. So I have encouraged your own research. But what I do  
for that audience. my customers to text me worth- know is that it is almost a necessity  
By placing ads on Facebook and while pictures that I will share on in today’s business world, even in  
before finding the right balance  
Instagram that target a specific our company social media pages. our little boutique industry.  
audience with a specific message. I also share customer posts to my  
The call to customer action can page. Of course, I include relevant Manny Hondroulis is the vice president of  
be something as simple as request- hashtags with every post and share. Energy Products Distribution in Baltimore.  
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