Volume 18, Issue 2 ó
March/April 2014


Itís Tool Time
From steamers to squeegees, we take a look at your must-have products, the tools you wish you used sooner and the ones youíll want to add to your arsenal this year.

An Added Level of Protection
Looking for a surefire add-on for your auto film company? Our panel of experts says paint protection film is your best bet.

Safe & Sound
Knowing how to install security films and attachment systems properly is vital for installers. These industry experts explain what you need to know.

Genie in a Bottle
Wish you had a magic lamp that could give you all the answers? Window Genie founder Rik Nonelle shares some of his best business tips.

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On the Cover Learn more about selling decorative films on pages 8 and 50. Cover photo courtesy of The AmGraph Group.

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