Volume 19, Issue 2
March/April 2015


All About that Paint
Read how one film dealer is flipping the typical automotive-focused business model on its head by protecting the paint of more than 12,000 vehicles per year.

Window Shopping
Entering the perforated film market may be easier than you thought. The venture also could provide you with more consistent work than solar control films.

What's in Your Toolkit?
Do you have a tool you’d be lost without? Some tinters do. See which ones some call “essential.”

Time to Show Off
From Dow Chemical to Fitbit, check out photos of some of the most noteworthy decorative film installations done recently.

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On the Cover
Featured is a hallway from Dow Chemical’s Houston office spruced up with decorative film. The photo was provided by Eddy Russell, president of Sunset Glass Tinting in Texas.

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