Volume 20, Issue 1 - Jan/Feb 2016


Home Security System
Very few window film dealers earn the bulk of their revenue from residential installations. Even fewer do so from security film. Some, however, have excelled in the particular markets, upselling homeowners to security film more often than not. Here’s how they do it.

To Plot or Not

Why does Tommy Silva, president and CEO of Honolulu-based T&T Tinting Specialists Inc., swear by the plotter? He gives you four compelling reasons.

To SEMA and Beyond

This year’s SEMA show in Vegas was one of the busiest in recent memory. With tinters’ attendance and manufacturers’ booth sizes up, this could only mean good things for your business year.

On the Cover
Burglaries happen every 18.2 seconds in the U.S. This cover illustrates a break-in and the need for security film to be installed at residences.
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