Volume 13, Issue 1 — 
January/February 2009

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Middle Men
Have you ever faced an installation that was beyond your scope of expertise, or simply could not be squeezed into the schedule? Have you ever wished that you could be part of a large corporate contract deal? A new phenomenon in the industry is making these situations possible. Working with “middle men” could potentially open doors for your company, but not all are leaving a positive mark on the industry.

Is Window Film in a Recession?
In the past, many have suggested the window film industry is recession-proof. Now days, most agree that the current economy has begun to make its mark on the industry. In an effort to maintain previous levels, some dealers, distributors and manufacturers are diversifying their product offerings to add on sales. But, is diversifying the answer?

SEMA 2008: The Year of Quality
Effects of the economy showed at this year’s SEMA Show. While there were occasional surges, the show never reached its usual shoulder-to-shoulder attendance levels. But SEMA officials maintain that 2008 was the second largest in the show’s history and window film exhibitors report favorable results, which raises the question: Is the doom-and-gloom mentality largely a matter of perception? 

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On the Cover: With a recession setting in on the window film industry, many dealers are juggling additional products and services in order to make up for slower sales. Photos courtesy of: Audiovox, Slacker Inc.

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