Volume 12, Issue 4 — July/August 2008

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Where in the World is SUN-GARD® ?
The sudden re-emergence of Film Technologies International’s (FTI) old SUNGARD ® and GLASS-GARD® brand names has left many of the company’s old customers a bit confused. Bill Stewart, former marketing director for FTI and now marketing director for Solamatrix (which acquired the brands) clears the air.

Final Barrier
The window film industry has been able to do a lot in protecting against fade,cutting down on ultraviolet (UV) light, and even mitigating the damage of bomb blasts. But the Miami-Dade County standards are one hurdle the industry hasn’t yet cleared. Contributing writer Les Shaver provides an update.

At a Crossroad
Christophe Fremont believes the window film industry is currently at a crossroad. The right turn will lead it to a century of prosperity, but the wrong turn will place the industry on a slippery, downward slope. Fremont, president of Bekaert Specialty Films in San Diego, sounds off on what he believes is necessary for the industry to secure a bright and lasting future.

IWFE 2008—The Bar Has Been Raised
The green movement and a slow economy have created a scrupulous customer base for the film industry. Now more than ever dealers have to focus on raising the bar on professionalism. May 1-3 this year, several hundred left Vegas better prepared to meet the challenge.

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On the Cover: Bekaert’s team from right to left: Christophe Fremont, president; Kathryn Giblin, vice president of global marketing and technical services; and Dave Anderson, vice president of operations.

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