Volume 12, Issue 6 — 
November/December 2008

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Packing It In
Many window film dealers offer other services such as detailing, audio
systems and the like, but one dealer in Arkansas actually got his start in
installing and repairing auto glass. Today, he’s created a successful
business doing both—turn to page 16 to find out how he does it.

SEMA 2008: Can Tint Be a Silver Lining?
Economic times are tough for Americans these days. In a time when
new cars are being cut from household budgets, the SEMA Show is
more important than ever. The aftermarket industry offers car owners
the ability to customize and continue enjoying the same ride. In this
way, window film could be a silver lining in an otherwise dismal

The New Sandbag
When hurricane Ike blasted through Texas, it left a wake of destruction,
including enormous amounts of broken glass. Just prior to the storm,
one window film dealer says his phone was exploding with requests
for impact-resistant film. Fortunately, he was able to meet every
request. But when the storm was over, there was no rest for this dealer.
Find out why.

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On the Cover: As Americans face high gas prices, a tumbling stock market and tough economic times, new cars will inevitably be cut from household budgets. Products like window film offer an opportunity for car owners to customize and continue enjoying their rides.

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