Volume 9, Issue 5      September/October 2005


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Land of the Midnight Fun (and Education):
Tampere, Finland, once again welcomed the international glass industry, 850 members strong this year.  Where glass goes, film follows.  A recap as to just how the window film industry was represented at the international event.

Selling Security:
The story of Wald Bishara and his company, Armashield Egypt, and how a lot of hard work and a little luck has helped them grow into a respected member of the industry.

Going Global:
Antartica is the only continent on the planet that does not have a stake in the window film market.  Editor Brigid O'Leary and contributing editor Les Shaver look at how the window film market is a prime example of globalization's unifying effects.

Takin' it West Coast:
A change of scene is in store for the International Window film Conference, Expo and Tint-Off 2006 when it moves to Las Vegas.

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