Volume 13, Issue 5 — September/October 2009

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No Excuses
Peter Yates doesn’t believe in excuses. When the odds mound up against this Canada-based window film distributor, he always rises to the occasion. In business, Yates has faced several challenges and discovered unique ways to overcome them. And in his personal life, he has done the same. At the age of 50, Yates decided to meet a lifelong goal by returning to his birthplace in Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. But just before he was scheduled to leave, fate stepped in to block his way. Find out how he responded to this crisis.

Image Matters
First impressions are everything. And if they don’t go over well, they’re often only impressions. Furthermore, in today’s economic climate customers are even more careful of those with whom they do business. Like it or not—image matters. And according to some industry members, it also pays.

The Annual New Products Guide
Just when you think window film has reached its greatest height, each year something new comes along that tops the list. And each year we dig in to research and bring you the latest offerings. Whether it be the latest film and technologies, tools or installation services, the Annual New Products Guide has what you’re looking for.

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On the Cover:
When the economy began to clamp down on the window film industry, Pater Yates, a London, Ontario, Canada-based window film distributor, walked into his company’s board room and wrote on an eight- by eight-foot whiteboard: “Crisis Creates Opportunity.”

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